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  • Powerful 3D technical illustrations

    • Creo Direct enables users to seamlessly share data with other people and Creo apps used in the design process.

    • This unprecedented level of interoperability and ability to maintain design intent between apps, further increases detailed design and downstream process productivity.

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  • Design Software. Unlock Potential

    • Achieve faster design cycles by enabling more users to access and use 3D CAD data
    • Streamline CAE workflows by giving analysts the ability to edit 3D design data before analysis.
    • Streamline CAM workflows by giving tooling designers the right tool to create manufacturing jigs and fixtures, and edit model data for NC and tooling design.
    • Generate parts lists and callouts
    • Work with multi-source 3D CAD data faster and easier
    • Easily share data and gather feedback from suppliers and customers, directly on the 3D model
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  • Creo makes the design process faster.

    • Creating and modifying 3D designs is fast and easy with Creo Direct, especially for someone transitioning from 2D to 3D CAD or a casual user.

    • Creo Direct gives you the most flexibility when creating, manipulating and editing 3D geometry.

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Creo Sketch

Product development teams need to generate and capture more ideas and involve more people in the design review process in order to bring the best product ideas to market, in the fastest time possible. Creo Sketch offers the easiest and fastest way for more people throughout the enterprise to contribute their ideas graphically. Creo Sketch is a stand-alone 2D design app that enables users to quickly draw or sketch their ideas- as if they were writing on a napkin. Users can add color or other special effects to the sketch if needed to transform a quick sketch into finished artwork. Suppliers, customers, marketing and sales professionals can now communicate their ideas more effectively by sharing digital sketches created in this intuitive 2D CAD app.

As part of the Creo product family, Creo Sketch 2D design data can be seamlessly shared and reused in other Creo apps such as Creo Parametric as a trace sketch. By leveraging more people and data throughout the design cycle, you can increase innovation, improve product quality and accelerate many product development processes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Enable rapid ideation from anyone in the product development team
  • Replace traditionally hand drawn sketches for concept design, industrial design, illustrations and design reviews
  • Create quick and rough sketches or finished artwork
  • Capture and share your 2D designs easily with colleagues and directly leverage the data in other PTC Creo apps
  • Use with tablets to further increase speed and productivity
  • * Available for both Windows and Macs